The BPM Proposition

We don’t tell you; you tell us which services you want based on your needs. With end to end service offerings, there’s a lot to choose from; and if you don’t see what you want, just ask.

Customize Your Solution

Choose from the services listed below.

PEPM Pricing

Only pay for employees being managed.

Employee Benefits Outsourcing

Outsource your benefits administration to BPM.

Paperless Open Enrollment

NO MORE stacks of paper, NO MORE manual input, and NO MORE errors.

BPM Gathers
  • Benefit plan features
  • Employee contribution schedules
  • Employee demographics
BPM Builds
  • Employee enrollment homepage (
  • Plan options and premiums
  • Special employee communications
  • Side-by-Side plan comparison
BPM Presents
  • Enrollment options on the employee homepage (
  • On location and/or Call Center (Minimum 500 employees)
  • Employees who are not “computer confident” can contact BPM directly for personal assistance
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Active Enrollment guides employees through a complete Open Enrollment experience
Passive Enrollment enables employees to continue their current enrollment elections without logging in.
BPM Ships
  • Enrollment files to the carriers
  • Employee payroll deduction file to payroll
  • Receipt email to the employee

Continuous Enrollment

Give your employees a benefits home base all year long

New Hire Enrollment

New hires automatically receive a customizable "Welcome" email with up to 3 follow-up reminder emails to elect benefits.

Voluntary Benefits Enrollment

Voluntary benefit enrollment and modifications are accessible throughout the year. Your BPM team will manage and track employee requirements.

Change of Life Event Enrollment

Employees initiate the Change of Life Event request and your BPM team verifies their qualifications.

Bi-Directional Connectivity
  • Carrier Connections
  • Payroll Integration
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
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COBRA Administration

Integrated into Continuous Enrollment Management

  • Initial notice
  • Termination eligibility
  • Open Enrollment options
  • Monthly payment coupons guide COBRA remittance.
  • Monthly premiums are remitted to BPM
  • Re-enrollment is processed at the carrier
  • Unpaid premium results in termination of benefits
  • BPM tracks retroactive enrollments and retroactive terminations to confirm carrier invoices.
Premium Remittance
  • BPM remits premium collection to client with detailed report.
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(not so deadly)

Billing Management

BenefitPlan Manager approaches Billing Reconciliation from a very simple point of view – YOURS! Our goal is to save you time and ensure accuracy.

The Process

BenefitPlan Manager will reconcile every carrier invoice, identify and track discrepancies and deliver a detailed monthly report before the invoice is paid. In addition, all carrier expenses will be allocated to match your General Ledger input requirements. BPM can even accumulate historical charges and project future expenses for budgeting purposes.

  • Every carrier list bill is audited.
  • Billing discrepancies are identified.
  • Differences between the carrier invoice and BPM enrollment are reported to the client and corrected at the carriers.
  • BPM aggregates monthly carrier invoices for a single invoice to the client.
  • BPM receives the single payment from the client and pays the carriers individually.
  • Production of monthly self-bill.
  • Custom reports are designed by you and delivered though a secure environment.

Yearly Reporting

Financial and payroll requirements derived from employee benefits.

  • For self-funded and fully-funded plans with HRA funding
  • Calculations for completion of form 720 due by July 31st
  • Produced for W2 filing.
  • For Group Term Life Insurance in excess of $50,000.
  • Employer paid premium on the behalf of the domestic partner.
  • Supplied for the annual 5500 filing.
  • Notification by October 15th.

ACA Management

BPM’s comprehensive ACA Reporting Service model means that production and filing deadlines are met on an automated basis.

Limited Non-Assessment Periods (LNAP)

Measured and monitored.


Verified directly with medical carrier.

Production, E-Filing & Mailing
  • 1095-C
  • 1094-C

Offer is made and recorded automatically.

Measurement Tracking
  • BPM tracks both Lookback and Monthly measurement periods
  • Measurement Period Tracking includes automatic Offer Notices as well as Termination Notices (COBRA).

BPM Concierge

The next level of personalized service

  • BPM administration team assigned.
  • Weekly payroll data review and upload.
  • Payroll Deduction Audit.
  • Exceptions guidance.
  • Qualified Medical Child Support Orders.
  • LOA collection and confirmation.
  • Collection of dependents’ missing social security numbers.
  • New Hire and Open Enrollment “Yet to Enroll” employees contacted by BPM.
  • A broadcast email system (BPMail Directory) is available to communicate information to affected groups of employees or the entire company.
  • Individual employees can access the “Contact Administrator” function on their Homepage to make inquiries and comments in real time directly to the BPM team.

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