Integrated Partners

Never a barrier to integrate

BenefitPlan Manager’s custom software is engineered to allow integration with any Payroll, HRIS, or other benefit vendor.


BenefitPlan Manager communicates with your payroll and/or HRIS platform. Whenever updates are made to one they will automatically flow to the other. Double entry is no longer required.

2-way data EXCHANGE and analysis

Data will flow from BenefitPlan Manager to a 3rd party vendor and back. This will make the whole experience seamless and enable us to run audits whenever required.


Whether you prefer to have real time or scheduled integration, we provide a solution. BPM has more than 200 connections.

Hassle FREE

Once all the integration is set up, it’s time for you to sit back and relax. You no longer need to worry about keeping different systems updated because the communication manages itself.

Ready for seamless connectivity?